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What Are the Best Cookware Brands of 2022?

by labib

A cookware set is one of the most used things in the kitchen. From a professional chef to a newbie cook, everyone used different types of pots and pans in their kitchen. But there must be some difference between a professional chef’s cookware set and a newbie cook’s cookware set.


Because professional chefs choose the best cookware brands for their cooking pots and pans where a newbie cook might not aware of the brand.

But is BRAND an important fact for cookware set?

Yes, from healthy cooking to easy cleaning, cookware set from a well-known brand is most important. Because they care about these things while making cookware sets.

As there are more than hundreds of cookware brands available in the market, so first time shopping for a cookware set must be difficult for anyone. That’s why you should look for a well-known and most popular cookware brand before shopping for the first time.

And in this article, we will figure out some best cookware brands in the world. Hopefully, this will give a clear idea about high-end cookware brands as well as choose the right one for your kitchen. So let’s explore the best pots and pans brands together.

7 Best Cookware Brands

  1. Made In
Made In Cookware Set

Made In started their journey in 2016 and already gets huge popularity for their top-class cookware products. People who are looking for the best stainless steel cookware brands must-have look at Made In stainless steel cookware products.

Their 5-ply stainless steel clad pots and pans are made in the USA and Italy perfect for the busy kitchen. From even heating to easy cleaning, these pots and pans are perfect for both professionals and newbie cooks. The non-stick cooking surface helps to cook with less oil/butter that is important for healthy cooking.

However, Made in also producing carbon steel products such as carbon steel woks and fry pans. They are also manufacturing different types of kitchen knives and other kitchen utensils. The brand recently introduces its copper cookware set that is also awesome. The direct-to-consumer company aimed to provide the best quality products to its customers with a limited lifetime warranty.

The Sous Chef Set & 6-Pice Started Set (made of stainless steel), Blue carbon steel wok, Carbon steel frying pan and 5-Piece nonstick set are some best-selling and top-rated products from Made In. Although the price of their cookware products is high, but they are worth the money. You will get the best quality product that will last for a long.

  1. T-Fal
T-fal Cookware Set

Looking for the best nonstick cookware brands that won’t cost much? T-Fal is here to fulfill your demand with a varied range of cooking pots and pans including Aluminum, ceramic, hard anodized and stainless steel. Started more than 60 years ago, they are one of the high quality cookware brands in the market from French and the USA.

People who are looking for French cookware should go for T-Fal cookware products. All of their pots and pans come with Thermo-Spot technology which ensures rapid and even heating to cook food very well. This Thermo-Spot technology also lets you know when the pan or pot hot enough to start cooking.

T-Fal used Teflon coating as the non-stick coating on their products. This nonstick coating is free from any kind of harmful chemicals including PFOA, Lead and Cadmium. The nonstick surface also ensures oil-free or less oil cooking, easy food release and hassle-free cleaning.

This budget-friendly cookware brand comes with several nonstick cookware sets, frying pan and nonstick pans set. So you can easily pick the right piece of pot or pan or whole cookware set for your kitchen. They are also popular for their colorful cookware items.

  1. GreenLife
GreenLife Ceramic Cookware Set

Another popular cookware brand in the market who are mainly popular for affordable and colorful cooking pots and pans. GreenLife started its journey to provide 100% healthy nonstick cookware products. This best ceramic cookware brand uses its own Thermolon™ coating on their cookware surface to make them nonstick.

This nonstick coating is free from PFOA, PFAS, Lead and Cadmium. And according to the manufacturer, this cookware can tolerate high heat. Generally, traditional nonstick or ceramic cookware can’t withstand high heat. High heat damages the nonstick surface by chipping or peeling the cooking area, but GreenLife products are different from them.

Like other high-quality nonstick cookware items, their products are also perfect for low oil or even oil-free cooking and easy food release. Cleaning is also simple as there is no food sticking or burning issue with GreenLife cookware products. They also claimed their products as Dishwasher safe but we recommend hand washing for long uses.

Unlike some other most popular cookware brands, GreenLife only produces ceramic pots, pans and other cooking and baking equipment. So you have no choice for materials when you will go for this brand cookware items. But as they produce different colorful cookware sets, you have a lot of color options. And they will simply beautify your kitchen. You can also use the pot or pan to serve foods direct from the cooking stove or oven.

  1. Le Creuset
Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Cookware Set

Le Creuset, one of the best cast iron cookware brands and well-known for its expensive cookware products. The French cookware brand started its journey in 1925 and very popular for its uniquely designed and finest quality products.

They use the traditional sand casting method and enameled layer for making their products. The inner layer makes the pot, pan/skillet or Dutch oven makes it nonstick enough and the outer layer keeps the product safe from any kind of physical damage. The finest outer side makes their product useable to different types of cooking stoves including the oven.

To ensure quality, this company uses a 12-step manufacturing process. Furthermore, they use healthy and natural raw materials to ensure healthy cooking. The build quality of their products makes them expensive as well as lasts for a long.

Like the GreenLife brand, Le Creuset also popular for their colorful products. You can also use the pot or skillet on the dining table after cooking the food. Le Creuset also produces different kitchen and cooking utensils. But they are limited to cast iron for pots, Dutch ovens and skillets.

  1. Cuisinart
Cuisinart MCP-12N Multiclad Pro - Best Black Friday Cookware Deals

One of the leading USA based kitchen appliance brand founded in 1973 by the late Cuisinart founder, Carl Sontheimer. They started their journey by producing Food Processor and after 1989 they expanded to other kitchen items mostly cookware products.

They use different materials like hard anodized aluminum, stainless steel, copper, cast iron as raw materials for their cooking pots and pans. But they are mainly popular for their hard anodized and stainless steel cookware sets. Their stainless steel cookware products are eco-friendly and nonstick enough for less oil cooking as well as easy cleaning.

Besides the full cookware set, they are also producing nonstick fry pan, skillet, sauté pan, saucepan, stockpot, etc. made of stainless steel and hard anodized aluminum. For their stainless steel products, they are using 3 and 5 layers of steel and aluminum to make them durable and even heat transfer.

Furthermore, their hard anodized cookware set comes with a nonstick cooking surface reinforced with Titanium coating. This coating makes the pot and pans cooking surface scratch-free and ideal for low-fat cooking. Also, the nonstick surface is free from any type of harmful chemicals including Lead and Cadmium.

Cuisinart producing both expensive and low-budget cookware sets and frying pans. So you can easily pick the right one according to your budget. But never get confused about the quality of their inexpensive cookware sets, because they are Made in the USA and always care about quality.

  1. All-Clad
All-Clad D5 Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Another American cookware brand which is mainly popular for their 5-ply stainless steel cookware line. They also produce copper and hard anodized nonstick cookware products. This company started their journey in 1971 by forming a small factory in Western Pennsylvania.

John Ulam, the founder of All-Clad was a renowned metallurgist who started his first cookware production by bonding stainless steel and aluminum. After that, they started using copper layers along with stainless steel and aluminum. This copper core/layer helps to heat up faster as well as transfer heat evenly. And this is most important to cook food evenly.

People who are looking for copper core or copper bottom pots or pans must try the All-Clad copper core collections. Besides stainless steel and copper core collection, their hard anodized cookware sets are also evenly popular. The All-Clad E785SC64 Ha1, one of the best-selling hard anodized cookware set that comes with PFOA and a scratch-free nonstick cooking surface.

However, the company uses food-grade stainless steel and other top-grade raw materials for manufacturing their products. They use 18/10 stainless steel that is ISO 9000 certified and meets the ASTM A240 standards. Most of their making process is manual to ensure the best quality. Overall, this is one of the professional cookware brands right now available in the market.

  1. Calphalon
Calphalon Cookware Set

Founded in 1963 by Ronald M. Kasperzak, located at Perrysburg, Ohio, Calphalon is one of the innovative cookware and kitchenware manufacturing company. They are well-known and most popular for their unique designed cookware items. This brand gets huge popularity for their aluminum based nonstick cookware products. They also started their company name as “Commercial Aluminum Cookware”.

However, Calphalon also popular for their stainless steel, ceramic and cast iron cooking pots and skillets. This budget-friendly cookware brand has both medium to high budget cookware sets and individual pots and pans collection. So you can get the right one according to your needs and budget.

Being budget-friendly, they are not compromising with the product quality. All of their products are made of higher grade raw materials. And the nonstick cooking surface is free from PFOA, Lead or Cadmium. So you have nothing to worry about healthy cooking with any Calphalon cookware collection.

And some of their most popular cookware lines are Calphalon Signature Cookware, Calphalon Classic Cookware, Calphalon Premier Space Saving Cookware and Simply Calphalon Cookware Line.

Final Words

Owning a good cookware set or individual pots and pans can save your time, energy as well as most important for healthy & tasty cooking. And a good cookware set always comes from the best brand.

As we have already figured out some best cookware brands, so now you can get the best-quality cookware for your kitchen. But before buying any cookware set or item, try to evaluate your needs and budget. This will help to save your money as well as choose the right one that actually needs for your kitchen.

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