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How to Make Rice Pudding in Rice Cooker?

by labib

If it’s dessert time then you may love to try rice pudding. And if you have a rice cooker then you must try this rice cooker dessert recipe. Because making rice pudding in rice cooker takes less time and effort. It’s not like making rice pudding on a stovetop or a traditional oven.

Also, this is a very basic rice pudding recipe, so you will only need 4-5 ingredients that are common in our kitchen. And adding some additional ingredients like cinnamon powder or chopped nuts will increase the flavor of the pudding.

So, How to Make Rice Pudding in Rice Cooker?

Well, this is a very basic rice cooker recipe. And you can use any type of rice cooker from any brand for this rice pudding recipe.

How to Make Rice Pudding in Rice Cooker

At first, you need to wash and soak the rice in the water for 30 minutes. You can use any type of short or long-grain aromatic rice. Using aromatic rice will make the pudding flavorful and you will be amazed.

However, some rice may not need to wash and soak into the water. Just check manufacturer information on the rice packet about washing instructions. Also, some chefs don’t like to wash rice while makes rice pudding, because washing rice will reduce the amount of starch. And this starch is important to make the pudding thicker as well as more flavorful.

As we will cook rice and milk together, so you must care about boiling. If you are using a close-lid type rice cooker, then you must not close the lid when rice starts boiling.

And another important fact is cooking time. If your rice cooker doesn’t go to keep warm mode automatically, then you must set the right cooking time according to the type and amount of rice you are cooking.

However, for me, it takes around 20 minutes to cook the rice cooker rice cooking. And I have used my Panasonic Rice Cooker that is a 730W rice cooker with 2.2 liters capacity. And this is an open-lid type rice cooker with a steamer basket and non-stick cooking pot.

Final Words

Making rice pudding in a rice cooker is one of the simple rice cooker recipes I have ever tried. Also, the very basic rice cooker dessert recipe can be the first recipe for a newbie who wants to make a delicious dessert for dinner. So, let’s make the rice cooker rice pudding and let me know your experience in the comment section below.

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